Q-1: How many students are allowed in a classroom?
Ans: For ensuring proper education, we don’t allow more than 30 students in a classroom.

Q-2: From which class students can admit?
Ans: From play to class X.

Q-3: Is there any process for gaining moral values?
Ans: As per institution rules, we give 15 minutes moral lesson to the students before starting our regular class.

Q-4: Is it helping my child learn outside of textbooks?
Ans: Yes, we try our best in this regard.

Q-5: How skilled are the teachers?
Ans: At present we have 25 teachers in our school. They are qualified and well trained.

Q-6: How is technology used in the school?
Ans: We have a computer lab which includes more than 12 computers. I think, students are getting proper practical education in the lab.

Q-7: Is there any transport facility?
Ans: Yes, we have 3 micro bus for providing transport facility.

Q-8: Whom do I contact for admissions?
Ans: Parents can send their enquiry on mail : [email protected] They can also call 01769 263717 or can contact with school office room directly.