Instructions for Guardians

  1. Guardians would kindly write down their identity and put their model signature in the diary. Sometimes it is observed that though the parents are alive, house tutors, uncles or elder brothers become the guardians. This cannot be accepted.
  2. When your ward is back home from school, please check his/her diary and find out the lessons imparted in different periods. If you have anything to say, please write in the Remarks column and put your Signature at the below of the page.
  3. Have a look at the assignments given for the next day and encourage and assist your son/daughter to prepare those.
  4. Whether your son/daughter comes to school regularly and punctually in the working days and returns home in due time after the break of school and studies regularly as long as he/she remains at home. Should be observed by the guardian.
  5. Guardians have to ensure their ward’s presence in the class tests, monthly tests, and Term End Exams.
  6. Guardians are requested to have a minute look at the Term End Exams, report before signing. Be on guard whether the students imitate their guardian’s signature or make somebody else do the same.
  7. Guardians must go through the rules and advice set for the students in the school diary & prospectus and ask their wards to abide by those and assist them in this regard.
  8. If the guardians are willing to see the answer script, they may do so by applying within 15 days of the publishing of result.
  9. The guardian should keep in touch with the Class Teacher regarding the studies and conduct of their wards.
  10. The guardian would see the Principal after getting the invitation card for discussing the progress of their ward at the fixed time on the particular day.
  11. If a student remains absent from the school for more than one day, the guardian would come personally and grant leave by showing appropriate reason.
  12. If a student fails to come to school due to sickness, the guardian would inform the Class Teacher over phone and submit application to the principal and after his/her recovery, the guardian himself/herself would bring him/her to the school along with a medical certificate.
  13. The guardians would see it that their wards pay the tuition fees on the first day of the fixed date for the fee submission every month. If any student adopts any sort of unfair means and if he/she is found to be guilty of misconduct or if he/she denies the rules of the school or if he/she violates the disciplines of the institution, then the decision of the institution would be considered as the final one.
  14. If any student is unsuccessful in the final Term End Exam for promotion to higher class. No request will be granted.
  15. Those who would drop in and pick up their wards in and from school would do it on time.
  16. The guardians would look after their ward’s health and cleanliness.
  17. The guardians would keep their wards away from undesirable company or environment.
  18. Keep in mind that for building up a good character & making progress among the students, the combined effort of the guardians and teachers is imperative.
  19. Regarding the progress in studies and character building of the children, it is expected that the guardian would give active and spontaneous support to the teachers.