The following rules are strictly followed in Cantonment Public School and College Bangladesh Military Academy-

  1. When students enter the school- they have to pay due respect saying “Assalamu Alaikum”, “good morning” to their teachers.
  2. The student must ensure the following before you enter the school:
  3. Shoes are properly cleaned.
  4. The dress is clean, tidy and ironed properly.
  5. Proper haircut.
  6. Nails of the fingers are properly trimmed.
  7. Bathed in the morning and also brushed the teeth properly.
  8. Girls’ hair is tied with white ribbon in two ponytails braided.
  9. Girls are not wearing ear top, any fancy watch and hair clips.
  10. Only earring is allowed. They do not walk out of the school gate without Vice-Principal’s/ Principal’s permission.
  11. Students have to prepare their lessons properly for the day.
  12. They have to complete the home assignments.
  13. In the class, when the teacher asks them any question on the previous lesson, if they fail to answer and if the teacher is convinced that they have not prepared their lesson, the teacher may give them a warning. If it is found consecutively for three (3) days, they will be sent to the Vice-Principal’s warning who will in run inform the same to their guardians/ parents.